Join Asaf Nevo from Pico and our team to spend time discussing how A.I. and Machine Learning can be used to get personal with, categorize and engage your fans at opportune moments on social media.

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Asaf Nevo

My life agenda is that there is no such thing as an unsolved problem - you just need to seek better for a solution. Although my relatively young age, I've already been in the top of the hierarchy of some successful ventures (night-life company, technological projects, etc..). A few years ago left a managing position and sold my shares in my other company to work full time on my startup - Pico. This decision turned out to be a smart one - Pico is now operating from Israel, Europe and the US - helping sports teams and TV broadcaster to create a personal communication experience to their audience. In my current position as a CEO I'm happy to lead our company to new places and always seeking new business opportunities to grow. Pico is an artificial intelligence tool used by dozens of NHL, NBA, NFL and Bundesliga organizations to create personalized fan experiences that entice greater levels of connection to franchises—and one that allows business strategy teams to learn more about their customers. During the coronavirus pandemic, Pico is being made available for free.

Asaf Nevo

You need to go out and fail. Fail, fail again and learn how to grow from failure. Keep going, and you will succeed!





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