Join us to talk Performance Analysis with USA Swimming High Performance Consultant Russell Mark. We discuss the technology, biomechanics, video feeds, techniques and measurements being used to help Olympic swimmers compete at their best.

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Russell Mark

Over the last 15+ years, Russell Mark has studied countless hours of film and talked technique with the best coaches and swimmers in the world so that he could understand the intricacies of all the strokes. With this knowledge, he has worked directly to help the USA National Team, given hundreds of lectures on swimming technique, and contributed to many books and research articles.

While swimming at the University of Virginia, Mark graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering. He then pursued a career in engineering, briefly doing work in Pratt & Whitney’s experimental military jet engine programs. This unlikely career path has served Mark well in the swimming world, utilizing his knowledge in physics, fluid dynamics, and engineering to identify and advice what makes the fastest swimmers.

Russell Mark

“Don’t give up if it doesn’t work out the first time. Jobs in sport are so limited and so much of it has to do with timing. “





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