Join us to talk about data application with Nancy Hensley, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Stats Perform. We have fun and discuss how a.i. and machine are driving innovation with how data is being used for the sport industry. Nancy also shares inspiring words for women looking to break barriers in sport, tech and leadership.

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Nancy Hensley

Nancy is the Chief Product & Marketing Officer (CPMO) at Stats Perform, overseeing the product and marketing teams. Nancy joined Stats Perform in 2020 bringing decades of experience in senior roles encompassing sales, technology, development, marketing and digital growth with IBM and McDonald’s. Nancy previously served as Chief Digital Officer at IBM Data and AI. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Benedictine University.

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Nancy Hensley

“You have many years ahead. Do something that you are passionate about, work for a company that aligns with what you believe in and find a great mentor. You will be great!”





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