Future Topics

We are always looking for new knowledge and friends in the industry. Take a look at upcoming subject matter. Reach out if you know someone or you are someone that may be a good fit to join for the conversation.

Emerging Technology

What is new? How are organizations innovating? How quickly will it be adopted? Why does it move the meter?

AI/Machine Learning

How does it work? What are its most immediate applications? Why will it change the experience and industry forever?

Future Fan Experiences

Both at live events or experiences from home. How will team's engage their communities of fans across the globe in 2020 and beyond?

Real Time Data Application

How can we apply instantaneous data to improve performance, coaching, the broadcast and fan engagement? What data is most impactful today vs. tomorrow?

Sport Media Storytelling

Technology may change, how we experience media will evolve but the art of captivating an audience is something different all together. How to communicate with different generations of fans...

Cloud Computing

We are now in a connected world. How does cloud computing open the door to new IoT opportunities, team efficiencies, shared resources, analytics and integrations into other services?

Augmented Reality

Who are the players? How is content made? How is AR content experienced today vs. tomorrow? The screen of the future is in our glasses and it's a social game.

Virtual Reality

Who are the players? How is content made? How is VR content experienced today vs. tomorrow? The safest way for teams to increase "live event" capacity to unprecedented numbers. Invent your sport viewing world with your friends.

Globalization & International Sport Media

With the world only years away from global wifi and the largest number of people connected, how will teams build global platforms to engage fans? What are the economics of these new global media rights opportunites?

Content & Design Strategy

How do you develop great visuals for sport teams digitally and physically? What makes the difference in colors, imagery and fonts? How do you tap into the emotion of the fan community to create media they will share?

Future of Streaming & OTT Media

It's official, the world is cutting the cord. We know the future is streaming, but how will brands, media companies and the internet providers share the relationship with the fan?

Global Data & Privacy Protection

GDPR, CCPA, marketing campaigns, ticket terms of use, geo-targeting, facial recognition, and more. How are organizations navigating fast changing rules and regulations.

Broadcasting Strategy

What goes into planning the time of games? How do media companies define success for a broadcast? How are organizations innovating to create a better experience for fans?

Biometric Data Rights

Fans and athletes will now be subject to temperature checks. We are not far away from in game live biometric data for athletes. Who will own this data? How can and/or will it be used? In the broadcast? For contract negotiation? What are the ethics and legalities to this new information?

Racial Injustice, Diversity & Inclusion

How has sport helped fight against racial injustice? How do brands use their platform? Let's listen and learn about where sport teams and their communities can do better.

Industry Media Tools & Software

What are the most popular media technical programs that will help students be successful after they graduate? Which roles require what type of soft and hard skills?

Smart Cities & Sports Venues

Smart Cities have goals to help people live, learn, work and play. How can teams be a part of a sustainable model in their communities that lowers costs of living and increases quality of living in urban districts?

NCAA – NIL Revolution

Many states are starting to move toward supporting athletes' rights to monetize their Name, Image and Likeness. How will this change the financial ecosystem of college athletics?

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