Join us to talk about the future of media tech, the immersive media economy and his journey with Howard Wright, CEO and President of C360. We discuss, personal development, career advice, content strategy, AR, VR, volumetric capture, OTT, 5g, iOT, camera tech and how it will all be used together to create immersive experiences.

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Howard Wright

Over the next 10 years the way we watch "the game" is going to be unlike anything we have experienced to date. Although 2020 was a hard teacher, it has forced the entire sports broadcasting industry to pause, reflect, pivot and re-invent the fan experience and the economy that fuels it. The immersive media technology driving this revolution is being re-imagined, created, tested and perfected right now.

As the CEO and President of C360, I couldn't be more excited to play an active role in this industry transformation. Our technology and talented teams are working to personalize the sports viewing experience across every streaming channel, device and social media service. We've already entertained millions of viewers worldwide while working with the largest sports broadcasters and Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

However, it's job to remain laser-focused on delighting our clients through our technology, creating significant value for our shareholders and providing the best career experiences for our people. Thankfully I am no stranger to this beloved industry of mine. I feel my leadership, business development and immersive sports technology experience with Intel and Qualcomm Inc, along with earlier experience as a professional athlete has given me a unique and invaluable insight and foresight that will allow me to successfully lead C360 through our next level of growth.

Howard Wright

“I am lucky, as I stand on the shoulders of my parents and ancestors. I am grateful for the opportunities they prayed on and the doors they opened for my brothers, sisters and I. Be hungry to learn, work hard and embrace the changes in the world that are happening every day.”





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