Join us to talk how venues and events are safely relaunching during COVID-19. Adam Goodyer, CEO & Co-Founder of Realife Tech discusses experience automation using predictive analytics to engage fans at the perfect moments. Realife Tech's vision is to create a better experience of the real world for every person.

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Adam Goodyer

Adam Goodyer is an award-winning entrepreneur with a proven track record within the music and live events industries. Championing new technologies and innovation, the companies he has founded have, over a 15-year period, become some of the most innovative and successful within the industry.

Adam is a champion of educational partnerships with a keen interest in the link between academic learning and business delivery. Over the last seven years, he has developed a long-standing partnership with London Metropolitan University and has devised and delivered experience-based student programmes at over 10 UK Universities. These programmes have provided practical experience, learning and real-world business experience to over 2,000 students. Adam is passionate about how academic theory can shape business strategy and how, through sharing and developing this knowledge with students and young people, new ideas can generate and thrive.

Adam Goodyer

“My advice is to treat people with care and respect. I had a mentor when I first started in business. He didn’t know much about what I was doing, but he achieved so much through kindness and care.”





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