Join us to talk the Future of VR Training with Gregory Gettinger PHD, Founder & CEO of VR Motion Training and Christian Barsanti, Director of Operations & CoOwner of REZZIL. We discuss motion capture technology, data and practical uses of virtual reality as a training and competition space.

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Gregory Gettinger, PHD

A successful business executive with 20+ years of demonstrated achievements successfully leading small and large multinational companies, growing revenue streams, expanding market share, generating new business opportunities, and leading product development in the renewable energy industry. Instrumental in integrating sales and marketing functions through company mergers and acquisitions. Adept at cultivating strategic alliances, joint ventures, and key client relationships. VR Motion Learning is a tech-platform for various applications how to acquire specific motions skills using VR technology.

Improve your tennis skills by playing with a virtual tennis trainer or your friends on a virtual court. The system computes your optimal technique based on your biomechanical data and the VR tennis trainer leads to your best move. Get to your perfect stroke by practicing motions and reflexes. Create the right and real muscle memory in a fraction of time. Train your best tactics from tailor-made scenarios. Compare yourself to world class players and play against your friends and in tournaments on different levels.
Technology: Computer-aided motion learning in large scale Virtual Reality. High quality motion analysis, similarity modeling simulation with machine learning and precise motion tracking.
Partners: Cooperation project between the Technical University of Vienna, Simi Reality Motion and Head.

Christian Barsanti

Strategic global leader with a broad range of experience that has guided global organizations through challenging environments, exceeding expectations and producing exceptional results. Reputation for delivering innovative business strategies that have reduced cost and improved operating margin with a commitment to excellence.

Leading the North American unit of Rezzil, a sports technology platform that provides powerful specialized software to help athletes and coaches in performance training, cognitive abilities, and rehabilitation. Developing business practices, operational protocols, sales force, and driving the integration of Rezzil into the North American markets.

Gregory Gettinger

“Focus on scalability and how VR will be practical through the many applications.”

Christian Barsanti

“Ask questions, get internships and take the opportunity before to explore what you are getting yourself into after graduation.”





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