Join us to talk automated intelligence with Don White, CEO & Co-founder of Satisfi Labs. We discuss how to find cheese curds in Minnesota, ordering tickets through machine learning chat experiences with "Wicked Results", Jarvis... Iron Man's personal assistant and the more serious topic of diversity & inclusion within programming. Learn how Satisfi Labs is teaching machines for global sport teams and organizations.

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Don White

Don White is the CEO and Co-Founder of Satisfi Labs, an AI conversation engagement platform. As CEO, Don spearheads client development and revenue initiatives. Don is a high-energy strategist with a unique ability to connect complex technology solutions with our client's most immediate needs. Prior to Satisfi Labs, Mr. White was head of sales for Datahug, a SaaS company that provided sales analytics and predictive forecasting. CallidusCloud purchased Datahug in 2016. Mr. White also held several leadership positions at Bloomberg Tradebook, most recently as head of sales for the Americas where he managed the $110M sales and strategy division.

Don is a Business strategist who has demonstrated a unique ability to connect complex technology solutions with client needs, resulting in a material improvement of business results. Sales leader and manager who has proven the ability to attract, motivate and retain extraordinary sales professionals who work as a team to exceed revenue targets. Product development leader who has proven success in creating new product concepts to meet customer needs and drive revenue growth.

Don White

“I read and have two or three mentors that know a lot more than me. I meet with them and we share what we all learned that week. If you do that you will learn two to three more times than what you could know on your own. I encourage you to try this.”





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