Guest Information

Please find all you need to know below for when you are going to join for an episode. First we just would like to thank you for taking time to pay it forward and share your knowledge.

How we schedule the podcast

Thank you for joining us for the upcoming episode of the Sport Media & Tech Podcast. Please meet co-hosts, Keal Blache, Dr. Jeff Porter and Mark Hodgkin as well as Sam Hoo the Assistant Producer. You have most likely found this page, because you have been asked to speak on a future episode. The podcast commitment typically will be 45-65 minutes as a whole. Once you confirm interest we will follow up with an email to the 1-3 guests with a doodle calendar poll to efficiently find a time that works for the panel. Expect a 2-3 week window for us to finalize all panelists, as we try to schedule episodes well in advance.

Within the same note, you will also find a google doc link to the initial list of speakers, topics, research and examples of questions. At this time we encourage you to review and provide feedback. We welcome it! This podcast is meant to be educational, uplifting and fun. Let us know if there are any topics you want to shy away from for confidential or personal reasons. We do not record live, will redact any information by request and want to set you up to be your best.  Once all speakers confirm a meeting time we send a calendar invite and zoom information.

The day of the podcast


Please wear headphones and check your microphone prior to the call. We do not expect you to have a professional podcast set up. With that in mind, we do ask that when you are not sharing you mute your microphone to avoid any unwanted noises. Don’t hesitate to ask us for help prior to recording the podcast.


Yes, we do record video. What you wear is 100% up to you, but we prefer that it is a solid color as that typically records better. Team logos, hats, signs and props are always welcome. Don’t be shy to show us some of your personality! Please do make sure that the light source is coming from behind the camera. Home, office and outdoor settings are all welcome.

Recording, Edits & Release

When all guests have arrived to the zoom meeting with take five to ten minutes to do personal introductions and some podcast house keeping. We do not record until after this introductory time and we stop recording at the end to debrief. After the session is over, it will take about 5-10 days for editing and the episode to be released. We do ask that you share the episode and we typically tag all guests on our social media channels when posting the new release.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.





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