Join us to talk problems and solutions centering around new technology as well as environmental forces driving change with Charles Campisi, VP of Enterprise Solutions for EngageMint. We discuss the unique technology and skillsets driving change at the collegiate and pro level.

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Charles Campisi

Charles graduated from the University of Notre Dame with David back in 2011. After seven years in multiple client service roles at Ernst & Young focused in the financial services industry, he pivoted to earn an MBA at University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.
At Ernst & Young, Charles led due diligence efforts for mergers and acquisitions in the financial services sector, interviewing C-Suite executives to understand potential transaction red flags. While pursuing his MBA, he primarily focused on strategic management and finance, while advising several early stage sports start-ups on strategic and operational goals. Now he is driving technological adoption, digital transformation and innovation in college athletics

Charles Campisi

“Take initiative and stand out in whatever you pursue. “





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